i'm Zyra Shalette. ^_^
ZHY for short.
i have many codenames or other nicknames.
aZura iTenacHi
others call me "ate" ,
"zygote" (hahaha)
"mommy" (huh??)

I'm Zyra Shalette, live in the Philippines, speaks tagalog and English and speaks a few foreign words (that i usually heard ,read and searched).. started existing last November 16, 1996..living a normal life ,

†.can't stop listening to music
†.i'm random ..
♥.loving much things..
♥.idolizing many..
♥.i love music so much.!

I'm Zyra a girl who can always understand, and always listens. Knows a lot in life , helps others but can't help myself much. I'm living in a life full of questions . Can't understand why does the world came up to be like this? Not all questions can be answered, but sometimes in some questions you have to realize it by yourself.

Experience is always the best answers for some questions, like experience in playing , exploring, activities in everyday life, love , and many more...

Life has always a mystery , mysteries that is kept , things that you haven't seen or even mysteries and secrets about places, people , life , or even in you ...

add me on facebook.http://www.facebook.com/zyra16 ihave many acc.in other social networks just ook for my name.. ^_^ like in friendster myspace multiply.I usually open facebook ym and skype. PS. i follow back here in tumblr ZYra Shalette

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